Yes, these are ACTUAL, UNRETOUCHED pictures from one of our weekday Karaoke Shows !!! Your Companies IMAGE is one of the first things that
need to be established with your customers to ensure them coming back time and time again - BREW CITY MUSIC LLC provides your customers
with a SIGHT AND SOUND EXPERIENCE like no other, and the best part is THEY PLAY THE STARRING ROLE !!! People don't remember a couple of
"Speakers on Sticks" in the corner of the bar, but a BREW CITY MUSIC LLC PRODUCTION in YOUR ESTABLISHMENT is something they won't forget !!!
Why trust your reputation to some fly-by-night "Weekend Warrior" Karaoke show when you can offer your customers a true BREW CITY MUSIC EXPERIENCE? As a registered and fully insured Wisconsin LLC, we offer flexible rates and payment options to fit your entertainment budget, "Easy-Term" contracts, Written Performance Guarantees, BMI Event Licensing, and the peace of mind that comes from working LEGALLY with an actual BUSINESS that has enjoyed over 13 years of Full-Time experience in the Music Industry. The choice is CLEAR, SIMPLE, and PROFITABLE !!!

CLICK HERE to request a consultation / informational brochure / DVD or contact our office at (262) 729-0727 - Your $$$ will THANK YOU !!!